Chanel Kadir: April 2014

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


ASOS blazer / EVIL TWIN tee / TOPSHOP jeans / TOPSHOP shoes

SO SO totally obsessed with long silhouettes, especially on short girls. Where items that are supposed to end in the middle of your calves, but they touch your ankles instead. Being draped in material. It flows in the wind as you exit the tube station at your chosen destination. This blazer and Evil Twin tee does exactly that. I feel like it makes my silhouette longer, it doesn't draw attention to how short my body is compared to my legs. It's one long line. The Evil Twin tee is my absolute favourite as it's short and plain at the front then a party, long mesh material at the back. A really easy piece to style and can so easily be dressed up for the occasion. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014


miss guided leather jacket / urban outfitters (mens) tee / topshop jeans (diy) / ebay boots

I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the pink hair, maybe it's the sunny, blue skies. But I am wearing colour. This is not normal and to be quite frank, it feels weird. For the past year, all black outfits have been my thang. Now I want printed tees and bold colours in my wardrobe!!! It could possibly be all this Coachella-hype, festival dreaming and Reading planning that is influencing this sudden change in me. I like it. It shall be staying for the duration of the summer. Since I'm back in London, outfit posts like these or proper ones will become more frequent! Yay!

Saturday, 12 April 2014


h&m top / tesco tailored joggers / new balance trainers

With summer approaching and lots of changes occurring in my life at the moment (I shall mention one of the changes further on in this post) it's time to start gradually updating my style and wardrobe. My outfits previously have been quite monochrome and minimalistic. Now I am wanting more colour involved in my wardrobe and prints! I have be careful with what colours I decide to incorporate into my wardrobe now as my hair is currently pink (I love it!!!) So I am going for blues, pinks and lilacs. As for prints I am obsessed with this Motel Rocks piece and currently crying because it's sold out. If anyone knows any UK stores do prints like Motel Rocks and Australian labels such as Finders Keepers, The Black Wall and Cameo the label then please let me know! I can't find any decent prints lately and the only ones I am falling in love with are Australian brands (this is why I want to move to Aus). My inspiration for this change is coming from a girl named Krystal who I came across on Tumblr and now fallen in love with her Instagram account. All those prints in her outfits are to die for.

So one of the new changes in my life is a new job. I am now the Social Media Editor at the online creative platform The Movement UK. It is an awesome website which features emerging and established creatives from the fashion and music industry, also lifestyle as we have recently featured a fitness guru. So, I will be contributing to their website, but mainly their social media. You know the deal, check out our social media and give us a follow!
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Friday, 11 April 2014


outfit 1 / miss guided jacket, forever 21 top, topman shirt, topshop jeans (DIY), topshop shoes, ebay bag, topshop sunglasses
outfit 2 / miss guided jacket, urban outfitters tee, topman shirt, topshop jeans, nike trainers, topshop sunglasses

From the 3rd to the 7th April I went to AMSTERDAM! I have been wanting to go there forever, and I finally saved up the dollar to do so and went with my best friend Izzy. It is so surreal and weird out there, the norms are completely different and trying to adjust to them is hard. You end up looking like a creep. It will always baffle me how families can take their children there or bring up there children there, and I'm only referring to central Amsterdam. North Amsterdam seems quite chill and creative with the street art buildings, skate park and a village made out of shipping containers. AMAZING! Whilst there we stayed at The Loft Gallery which is in a beautiful 400-year-old building and you do actually stay in the loft of it in an apartment which you have a shared living and kitchen area and also bathroom. I highly recommend this place to people looking to go as it is perfectly located as well. Right in the middle of everything. Whilst there we did the usually touristy things, went to museums, Anne Franks house, canal cruise (which we actually did on the River IJ with all you can eat pancakes, yum!!) Lastly, have to mention the architecture. I was in awe of how beautiful the town houses were, especially with how old some of them were. The black ones stole my heart. Also the windows are massive and all that natural light streaming through must be beautiful, especially on summer days.