Friday, 14 March 2014


c/o calzedonia leggings
I had the pleasure of attending the Calzedonia denim days event yesterday in Westfields Shepherds Bush. I could only briefly attend due to working that evening. However, it was a super cute and creative event hosted by the one and only Bip Ling. The brand kindly gave us a pair of leggings each to customise ourselves. With all sorts of embellishments, pom poms, trimmings, paint and glitter we were quite spoilt for choice and I didn't know wear to begin! I am not a very creative, physically? I guess you could say. Arts and crafts and designing were never my thing. So I honestly didn't know what to do. I went for the two Cs, splitting up the Chanel sign for either leg to represent me. Further down the leg was the peace sign and a love heart which are two tattoos that I have, so it was a quite personal customisation. (Should have really put the two Cs on the pockets on the bum now I think about it, oopsy). The leggings are very good quality and even though I am not usually a fan of the 'jeggings' - the Calzedonia ones I would definitely go and pick up as they're a very good quality and don't actually look like jeggings when on.

Thank-you Calzedonia and Bryan Morel PR!

How would you have customised a pair of denim leggings?

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