Chanel Kadir: March 2014

Saturday, 29 March 2014


Stuck in the city. This is kind of dreary. All I long for is to be at the beach, the sun rays hitting my skin giving me the vitamin D I crave. The smell of sunkissed skin. The salty hair. The long days. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014


My Saturday night has been spent in another world, with my earphones in, searching the internet far and wide for some new tracks to play with. FYI, The Magician's magic tapes are the perfect place to find epic songs which leads on to find even better remixes. Soundcloud has become my new best friend right now and I'm really digging this relationship; won't be ditching it anytime soon. These past two days I have created a few mixes based on music I hear in clubs or inspired by the theme of my Tumblr. Go ahead. Escape. Listen to these mixes. I hope you enjoy.

Where do you discover your music?

Saturday, 15 March 2014


So I have always had such a huge love for music and usually spend hours on end searching through Soundcloud for epic remixes or new, underground talent. I tend to find my favourite artists from Australia, i.e. current favourite is Nicole Millar - a new upcoming artist. So I have decided to teach myself to DJ. I only started a couple of days ago but I thought I'd show you all my very first hip hop mix that I created. I kind of am in love with spontaneity of mixing and experimenting with different songs to see what work well together. It would be a dream to be able to create remixes, I am in awe of Disclosure and the remix they did for Royals - Lorde. From now on I am going to try and post a weekly themed mix so keep an eye out for those!

What do you think of my first mix?
Check out my soundcloud here for more of my mixes and the music I am loving.

Friday, 14 March 2014


c/o calzedonia leggings
I had the pleasure of attending the Calzedonia denim days event yesterday in Westfields Shepherds Bush. I could only briefly attend due to working that evening. However, it was a super cute and creative event hosted by the one and only Bip Ling. The brand kindly gave us a pair of leggings each to customise ourselves. With all sorts of embellishments, pom poms, trimmings, paint and glitter we were quite spoilt for choice and I didn't know wear to begin! I am not a very creative, physically? I guess you could say. Arts and crafts and designing were never my thing. So I honestly didn't know what to do. I went for the two Cs, splitting up the Chanel sign for either leg to represent me. Further down the leg was the peace sign and a love heart which are two tattoos that I have, so it was a quite personal customisation. (Should have really put the two Cs on the pockets on the bum now I think about it, oopsy). The leggings are very good quality and even though I am not usually a fan of the 'jeggings' - the Calzedonia ones I would definitely go and pick up as they're a very good quality and don't actually look like jeggings when on.

Thank-you Calzedonia and Bryan Morel PR!

How would you have customised a pair of denim leggings?

Monday, 10 March 2014


white shoes boohoo / white ripped jeans boohoo / sandals topshop / tee cheap monday / leather jacket forever 21

As we're leaving winter behind and spring is upon us, its time to start preparing for summer and creating a wardrobe that is perfect summer and also good for the transitional season. Most of my recent purchases for summer already have consisted of innocent white pieces. Sticking to my monochromatic style these warm seasons ahead however I have begun to add animal print accents in to add a touch of detail to an otherwise (can be boring) monochrome outfit. These leopard print sandals from Topshop are my absolute favourite buy so far. Super comfy and have the added height with the chunky heel and platform. The cheap monday tee keeps my outfits busy with the logo writing and I will probably add my dad's topman floral print shirt (which is grey and white) round my waist to add layering and a splash of print. The leather jacket is a bit bold for me as I don't really know how to wear this year but probably will be throw over a skort/demin shorts and tee outfit. It adds edge and keeps you cooler as the traditional black will boil you up like an egg. Plus I never go anywhere without a leather jacket, so it is right that I get a summer one. And I don't know how I've managed it but I own five pairs of jeans and only one none ripped pair. Gotta get that air to yo' knees. 

What are some of your transitional pieces? What style are you going for this Summer?