Chanel Kadir: CLEAR SUMMER

Tuesday, 28 January 2014



As I am sitting here writing this, the sun is glaring in my eyes. It's so tempting to put sunglasses on right now but then I'll be one of "those" people who wear sunglasses inside.

I like to plan everything, it's a little habit of mine - although I want to try and make this year as spontaneous as possible so I have only written down a short list of things I want to make happen in twenty fourteen.

This is an outline of what my spring/summer wardrobe will consist of this year. I am trying to add colour in my wardrobe with pretty pastel pink items like those Zara boots which I am OBSESSED with and can't wait for them to arrive! My wardrobe will be inspired by the likes of Elle from theyallhateus and Many from oraclefox. They have the summer wardrobe down to a tee.

My wardrobe shall consist of well structured, minimal pieces. Adding tailoring in with the crisp white blazer. It will have a clean, fresh vibe running through it continuing to the nails and choice of perfume.

Here's to a clear summer!

find the items by going to my polyvore.

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  1. Great picks, obsessed with those pick Zara boots #unff