Friday, 27 September 2013


Inside Chanel is a series of short documentary-style videos on YouTube that gives you information on the history of the brand and Coco Chanel herself.

It is truly inspiring and something I will return back to whenever I need to get inspired and motivated. Originally named Gabrielle Chanel, she became an orphan at the age of 12 and from that moment on she decided to leave the past behind her and invent her own life. It's inspiring that she became such a legend even though she had such little luck at the beginning of her life. Chanel didn't let the situation destroy her, but instead make her stronger. She was an individual inspired by masculine tailoring and simple aesthetics. Her taste for black and white came from the romanesque purity of the aesthetic world and religious clothing and ceremonial objects sparked her love for gold and coloured gems. Coco Chanel then went on and transformed the female silhouette, making hems shorter and removing corsets. She gave the women a modern attitude that didn't exist before - doing all this during such a hard historic period. The videos then go on to talk about the perfume Chanel No. 5 which was the first of its kind at its time and also the timeless jacket which has been re-styled and re-invented over the years but it always included in each collection. It is a series I highly recommend everyone watching as it is so fascinating to find out what really goes on inside the biggest fashion house and where it originated from. You can watch the series here.

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