Chanel Kadir: PHRESH

Friday, 15 March 2013


River Island tee / River Island pencil skirt / Topshop heels / Topshop socks / Zara bag
You know when you find out there is birthday celebrations coming up you instantly going into this mode where you're constantly thinking about what to wear and the possibilities are endless. You keep changing your mind with each fabulous outfit you come up with. But of course, your favourite outfit for the event is one you don't own and don't have the money to get. Here is mine. It's fresh (phresh as Rihanna would say), fierce, sport and minimal. All I could ask for from an outfit. Depending on how my blog shop sales go, I may purchase the top, socks and skirt anyway and just be skint for the last week of the month! The things people do for clothes. This morning when watching Confessions of a Shopaholic, I literally saw my future unfold in front of me. It's scary how alike Rebecca and I are. Also, I'm a bit of Carrie Bradshaw, I would rather buy and read a fashion magazine than get some lunch.

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