Chanel Kadir: CHECK WAIST

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Kanye West
 Miss Selfridges leather jacket, Topshop tee, Dads check shirt, H&M leggings, Ebay boots

There’s this new fad entering the fashion world where you don’t literally wear layers anymore, you tie them round your waist. The most popular item tied round the waist is the checkered shirt that then automatically gives your outfit this laidback, L.A vibe (where I would rather be right now). Oversize it and then you have that skirt over trousers look. Yeezy would be proud.  

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  1. I've pinned the first photo earlier this month. Check shirts tied around the waist are so cool. Never thought I'd say that but they are! I still need to give them a try though :)