Chanel Kadir: D-D DANCE

Saturday, 26 January 2013


MISS SELFRIDGES shirt / TOPSHOP tartan jeggings / JEFFREY CAMPBELL spiked litas / PANDORA leather charm bracelet / MICHAEL KORS watch

Sorry I have been MIA, I have been in bed all week ill with a throat infection so it has been a long, torturous week. However it's the weekend now woot woot! Last night I finally went out of the house for the first time all week with some friends and went partying. Probably not my wisest decision when I'm still ill but oh well. Tonight is also my 18th birthday party which I'm super excited about but very nervous as it can only go two ways? Good and shit. 


  1. your blog is defo my new favourite, you always look so chic! xx

  2. Love those leggings! Just wanted to let you know i've nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog.

  3. lovelovelovelovleoovleovloelvoloevloveeeee this! tartan and JC all the way... might have to try this one out myself :)