Chanel Kadir: Fashion vs Style

Friday, 7 December 2012

Fashion vs Style

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I have no idea where I read it but it has been playing on my mind for quite some time. Somebody wrote an article that was focused on how they hate fashion and love style. It's an odd concept but girls out there, ironically enough in the fashion industry, hate fashion but love style. Meaning that they don't particularly care much for fashion (fashion week and following trends) and they love the idea of having your own unique style, your own trends.

In some ways, I feel like this is me - in some context. I only pay attention to certain shows at fashion week e.g. Alexander Wang and Topshop Unique. I couldn't tell you their back story of how the brands come about but I could rave on about what I love about their collections. I wouldn't make sacrifices for the latest designer fad that everyone is raving on about i.e. the Celine Tote. I will sometimes follow the trends, like next season expect my wardrobe filled with minimal whites, nudes, pastels and metallics. Fashion is a luxury, if you can afford it, go get it. Not everyone can have style though, you either have it or you don't. It can't be bought (well, celebrities pay for their own personal stylists but yeah). Style is more personal, it's about you and how you wear the clothes. Not letting the clothes wear you. It's a form of self expression. Ever worn all black on a day that you felt like complete and utter shit, instead of going for the tracksuit bottoms?

A person who has incredible, distinctive style and can make it work is more intriguing. Somebody who can afford the latest fashion yet for the love of god cannot make it work is only fooling themselves. But using their money incredibly wisely, I must add. What I would do if I had enough money to quench my thirst for my shopping addiction. I love how 5 Inch and Up describes her blog: "I turned my shopping addiction to a career". If only, if only. 

Blogging is turning a new leaf in the fashion industry. It's influencing designers more in the sense that more and more blogs appear where people are very experimented with their style. It's like a light bulb lights up in the fashion industries heads when they read blogs which I suppose is the reason why blogs are making a huge statement in the industry. I mean, look at Company magazine for example. In the past few months they have dedicated two of their magazines to bloggers - January's 2013 issue is the superblogger issue and their latest street style edit was focused around bloggers and their style. I like this new leaf and I hope this leaf stays around for a long while.

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  1. this post is soo relevant.these days the meanings being stylish, being trendy and being fashionable are seem to be completely be fashionable used to be a complement and now its being used in the same way as being 'trendy' which now basically means conformist. I think you can be all 3.the effect bloggers have on the fashion industry is great cos its focused on style rather then just whats 'in'-the best bloggers normally arent the 'trendiest' and i love that company mag has picked up on this xx

  2. i love this, I talk about this so much with everyone! Genius, fashion and style when will people learn they are completely different?!
    Erica xo