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Baitong, real name Yanin Namasonth, is the cool monochrome girl who founded the fashion and style blogs Pretty Sickly and I Dress Myselff. Started off blogging to document her outfits and now she is a style inspiration to many. Here's what she had to say about bloggers storming the fashion industry and what she will be up to next year.

Your Tumblr's idressmyselff and prettysickly, and now relatively new blog also named idressmyselff are very popular. With people constantly asking you for style advice and looking at your outfits for inspiration. Did you expect that you would make opportunities for yourself by documenting your outfits online?
No never, I just had the intention of documenting my style for myself to see the progress and to help me choose outfits quickly when I'm in a rush. I'm so grateful that people really are inspired by what I do and opportunities that came with it. 

You have a very mature and sophisticated style. What influences your personal style?
It changes alot but at the moment my age. I'm 18 now and since I'm a young adult I've come to the choice that I need to dress like an adult and I was done with my experimenting phase. 

Bloggers are making such a huge impact on the fashion industry. Their taking over fashion week, designers are looking to them for inspiration and even collaborating with them. Why do you think bloggers are suddenly making this impact?
I think it's because we see things differently and can take a designers view and add our own touch or explore it in a more creative way. We are like the insiders of fashion but yet still normal people and I think alot of people can relate to that and not be intimidated by bloggers.

It's coming up to the end of another year. Have you got anything exciting planned in the new year?
Yes, I'm going to be working on a small line of mine, I'm still in the process of what it would be because I don't want to rush into it but it will be something small. And most likely a lot of travelling and gaining inspiration.

You wake up in the morning. What motivates you to get up?
The thought of being creative and putting together an outfit really wakes me up. The night before I normally have a quick idea of what my outfit the next day would be like or how my hair and make up would be so I just have to get up the next morning and try it out. Oh and food of course!

I know your not studying at the moment, but do you think you'll ever go back to studying in the future? If so, what would you study?
I don't think so, I enjoy the freedom too much and studying in college was very limited and my creativity was put on hold.

Favourite designer? Favourite high street stores to shop at?
Designer would be Alexander Wang and high street store? Zara of course!

When your about to go shopping for a new wardrobe or just new pieces to add to your collection, where do you get your inspiration from?
Either from other blogs or architectures mainly. But music influences me as much. 

Baitong's ethic to life and her maturity is why she is one of my favourite bloggers. I love to look at the way she styles her outfits and working in statement pieces into her very minimal wardrobe. Thank-you so much for your time and answers. Make sure you check out her über stylish blogs. You can also find Baitong on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I mean this as constructive criticism, read over your posts before submitting them. I found many grammatical errors. For example, you used "your" instead of "you're" many times, and "their" instead of "they're." Again this is just constructive criticism, it looks unprofessional.