Chanel Kadir: Favourite Artist #1: Make way for Angel Haze

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Favourite Artist #1: Make way for Angel Haze

Welcome to my new blog and what a way to kick start it with my favourite song and artist of the week. The new badass female rapper on the scene named Angel Haze who according to her lyrics to my favourite song  "New York", she runs New York. Move out the way Azealia Banks, your year reign  as the hot new female rapper is over. Whilst listening to her EP "Reservation" you can definitely see the similarities between Haze and Banks with the fierce lyrics, fast paced rap and the bits of singing in between. Not to mention, great beats.  So there is no surprise to hear that she is planning to collaborate with Banks. "New York" has definitely been the soundtrack to my week so far. Feeling like "some next hood bitch" walking down the road listening to it through my headphones. It has a very catchy beat that you just want to dance along to or "skank" as you say. When you listen (or read like I did) the lyrics you can see the determination that Angel Haze has to become number one.

Angel Haze will be touring the UK February next year so if you're interested, try and get some tickets if you can. When they go on sale that is. Also, you can get her EP "Reservation" on her website here for free by signing up to her mailing list. I strongly recommend that you do.

Let me know what you think?


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