Chanel Kadir: Top Knot-spiration

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Top Knot-spiration

YES TOP KNOTS! I despise the length of my hair so I tend to keep it up and out of my face. It's the worst when it's constantly in your face like an annoying human being that won't leave you the fuck alone. I honestly wish my face shape is the shape for short hair so I could literally wake up and do nothing to it! Saying that, I can't wait to have long hair again and experiment with different hair styles and colours. However, I will stay true to the top knot. It's incredibly easy to do and you can switch it up from making it messy or slick. Making it small or big. Long or short. Kelly Osbourne's top knot height is IN-CRED-E-BALL. Marge Simpson eat your heart out love. This past week I have been rocking the walnut whip, which I have rightly named. Yummy food hair. It has been a pain in the ass though trying to get it the particular height and texture. I do have really bad OCD with my hair. This week I am going to try the messy top knot that Boohoo's blog has now taught me how to do. So thank-you. My hair is sorted for the week now. 

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  1. Love topknots so much