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Monday, 12 November 2012

Chunky Monkey

Here come the boys. Good-bye feminine and hello boisterous.
The masculine, oversized, boyfriend trend has hit the high street and high end hard. With strong, tailored silhouettes and baggy, laid-back boyfriend jeans there is something in this trend for everyone. This is my favourite trend by far as I'm not really the most feminine girl, I love doing it like a dude. I think it's more fun that way because then you kind of get the best of both worlds with not really turning into an absolute tomboy in sweatpants and hoodies (as comfortable as they are, they should stay in the house). You still look sophisticated and classy.

My new favourite item from the boyfriend trend are chunky shoes. Oh boy, oh boy. They may not be for everyone, however, I adore them so much. They have been appearing a lot on Tumblr lately and will probably become to new big trend to come from Tumblr and probably end up on Blogger. Now they may not be as boisterous as the good, old, trusty Doc Martens but they are definitely up there. With the massive soles, grippling (a word I have made up for grips on the bottom of shoes, sounds kind of scary right?) details and tend to be pulled all together with a bold buckle. These particular shoes remind me on the Spice Girls moon boots days just not as bold and terrifying (personally, those moon boots are horrific and should only stay worn by the Spice Girls in the 90's.)

I have found a few pairs of these bad boys on eBay that are shipped from China, no surprise there, with they ultra bold and daring fashion sense. Here are links to a few of my favourites:

  1. Black spiked chunky ankle boots, £18.71
  2. Black laced chunky ankle boots, £27.02
  3. White laced chunky ankle boots with contrast heel, £25.99
  4. White laced chunky ankle boots, £26.99
  5. Black laced block chunky ankle boots, £22.99
It's safe to say, you find the most unique and extraordinary items on eBay. Good ol' China. 

Would you ever rock these chunky boots?


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